Nataliya Osadchaya


Mykola Siutkin

Managing Partner

Mykola Siutkin

Lawyer, founder and managing partner of S&P

Everybody has understanding that Ukraine is the market of venture investments. But practically no one can calculate or predict them. When clients come to us for help to restore a business or “win in war”, we always ask the same question: “How did you make the decision to invest in a particular business or project? On your own? Or did you have a conclusion from specialists that you are going the right way?” In 99% of cases, our clients have tons of reports from leading legal and financial companies that say there is no risk. Why are they mistaken? Because they do not see all the risks that we do, that exist for us. We can calculate them, and therefore are able to minimize them. I spent the entire conscious life in order to get this experience and knowledge, which I can now apply for the benefit of our clients and Ukraine. We and our team are working to proudly watch our customers build their capacities in Ukraine. They invest hundreds of millions of dollars in new projects, thereby developing the country. Every day of my work I experience an unreal deep feeling of pride for them, us and Ukraine. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Mykola Siutkin

For more than 18 years, he defends the interests of clients in the fight against illegal seizures, and engaged in asset recovery, property and investment protection.

He started his professional career in 1999 as a lawyer in large Ukrainian companies, where he was responsible for recovery and actual reimbursement of bad debts for the largest clients and the state.

He built a system of work with unscrupulous debtors who shirk their financial obligations. He won over 550 court cases throughout Ukraine, which helped to return hundreds of billions of hryvnias to the state.

Over the three years of his work he received considerable practical experience of judicial practice of confrontation with debtors and execution of court decisions. The obtained knowledge allowed examining and systematizing the behavior patterns of dishonest counterparties, to work out effective strategies for the forced return of “hopeless” and problem debts.

From 2002 to 2006 he successfully headed the legal departments in Ukrainian agrarian holdings and large retail chains, where the key activity was the protection of investments from unscrupulous competitors and law enforcement agencies. Working in the corporate sector, he acquired a unique experience in analyzing the causes of the risks of loss of assets and finances, and as a result — the construction of schemes for their reliable protection.

The obtained practical experience in the profession and understanding of the peculiarities of the venture investment market led to the creation of own business. In 2006, he founded the company SIUTKIN & PARTNERS, which has helped large businesses to successfully invest and get to arrive in Ukraine for 10 years.

In 2002 he graduated from the law faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

He actively conducts public activities. He is the founder, ideological inspirer and investor of the new media business site LawyersDaily; and also an innovative educational platform Lawyers Academy, as well as an online project for obtaining legal advice online

Nataliya Osadchaya

Lawyer, Candidate of Law, Partner of SIUTKIN & PARTNERS

... after each success or “failure” we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents, worked on the mistakes, analyzed the mistakes of clients, conducted a comprehensive analysis and study on obstacles. All this allowed us to develop our own style and vision of problems before they arise. We wanted to become better and win even before the battle begins. In many projects, we succeeded... We systematized all cases that we dealt with in practice, revealed common behavior patterns and business mistakes, and developed a system for minimizing risks from raider seizures. We studied “how raider thinks”, gave ourselves answer for the question “why do some companies undergo regular raider seizure, while others are not even touched?” Through our experience we show business the importance of conducting “prevention procedures”, proving the effectiveness of our methodologies on qualitative improvement of financial performance among clients. Thanks to these “wars”, we became strategists who, even before the onset of confrontation, can tell their customers, with an accuracy of 90%, how and when they can be “eaten”, offering a plan for working on bugs or prevention.

Nataliya Osadchaya

She began her professional career in 1996, working as a lawyer in Ukrainian law firms and financial institutions. For three years of work she gained practical experience of judicial practice in confrontations with unscrupulous debtors. With her direct participation, the legal teams of companies won over 300 court cases, hundreds of millions of dollars were returned to financial institutions and the state.

From 2000 to 2009, she headed the legal departments of major Ukrainian companies. She occupied the position of legal adviser in various large foreign holdings, where the key task was to analyze risks and minimize possible legal and financial losses. For 9 years of work, the company shareholders managed to save billions of US dollars for the company's shareholders, which allowed them to successfully implement the planned investment projects throughout Ukraine. There was accumulated considerable practical experience in protecting business from illegal actions of state, controlling bodies and competitors, including unprecedented experience in developing schemes for minimizing business losses, conducting “preventive methods” to avoid legal and corporate conflicts in the future.

She joined S&P team in 2006 as an adviser, and three years later became a partner. The next 10 years of work in the company were aimed at honing and improving skills in protecting customers.

In 1999 she graduated from the law faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 2008 she received her MBA from Wisconsin International University (USA).